Stop! Make Sure You Choose the Right Garage Shelving.

While most people overlook the shelf systems in their garage when not adding or taking something out of them, that doesn’t have to be the case! This blog post will delve into some of the options you have beyond mundane storage space.

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Just because most people overlook their garage doesn’t mean you have to do the same thing. It doesn’t need to be a dull utilitarian space. When you have a little imagination and a few great garage shelf ideas, your garage will offer both style and storage space that meets your specific wants and needs.

Today, we want to share some of the options you have in terms of the shelves and shelf systems found in your home garage. We’ll delve into all the information you need to build a space that meets all of the family's needs.

Garage Door: Eastman E-11, 10' x 7', Desert Sand door and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

You like this garage door?This is an Eastman E-11, 10'x7', Desert Sand door and overlays, 8 lite Panoramic windows

Start Simple by Preparing the Space

It might be tempting to jump right into a project to upgrade the way you use the garage storage, but don’t get ahead of yourself. The first thing you want to ask yourself is “what kind of belongings do I want to keep on the shelves?”

For one person, that might be gardening tools, while another might want to store extra tools. People have different storage needs based on their priorities. Think about what you want to store, whether that’s holiday decorations or keepsakes you want to hand down to your kids.

Keep in mind that garages can get moist since they often experience humidity and heat. Look for signs of condensation that could indicate you need to do a bit of work before you install shelves. Condensation matters for several reasons that are listed below.

Effects of condensation:

● Paint damage on picture frames

● Metal objects with rusting

● Photograph damage

● Mildew on paper and cloth

● Mold growth, but only in extreme situations

Not sure how to handle condensation? Don’t worry. The main thing to inspect is the seals near your garage door windows and the seal around your garage door.

Prefer to leave the job to someone else? That’s okay! Call an expert in garage doors to take a look at the space.

Once you’re done, you can move on to looking at the best garage shelf ideas and how they might fit your needs.

Shelves in a Traditional Style

Even the most conventional shelves come in many types, including metal, plastic, and even combination wood and metal. These systems offer a huge amount of value, are freestanding and easy to move, and can be set up in whatever way you like.

If you want your shelves to look great, be aware that these shelves can be plain and you may want to make them look better aesthetically. Some people will find adding a bit of paint does the job, but there are other options. Now, let’s look at what each type of shelf system has to offer.

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Materials Used in Traditional Shelves

Plastic – One of the perks of plastic shelves is that you can get them almost anywhere. They’re at big box stores, online, and in local stores. These shelves are light, inexpensive, durable, and can often hold a lot. But remember that plastic doesn’t well for heavy belongings. Storing hefty tools or large buckets of paint? You want to consider another option.

Metal/Wood – These shelf systems are also easy to find. Typically they offer shelves made of plywood, wood, or pressboard and have a frame made of metal. These are fairly strong but the use of wood makes them less durable than shelves made entirely of metal. Also, wood can wear out quickly and become stained fairly easily.

All-Metal – If durability and strength matter, all-metal shelves are the top option. Both shelves made of wire and shelves made of solid material are on the market. The main disadvantage for people is that these look the simplest and don’t create a stylish aesthetic.

Shelf Systems Mounted on the Wall

Not into traditional shelf systems? Consider shelf systems that attach to the garage’s wall. Most of the time these are sold on an individual basis and anchor into the wall. However, sometimes sets can also be purchased. These shelves may be metal, wood, or incorporate both.

Wall-Mounted Shelves Considerations

● Maintains greater floor space.

● It may not hold as many items as a traditional shelf system.

● Endlessly flexible with the option to install each shelf in the best location.

● Tends to look more pleasing than freestanding shelves if a particular aesthetic is desired.

Shelf Systems Installed Overhead

Still not sure? Consider the overhead system. It’s usually made out of metal and has upright parts that connect to the ceiling and extend toward the ground to support shelves.

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Thoughts to Consider with Overhead Shelf Systems

● Take up zero floor space so there’s extra room for other items in the garage.

● Shelves need to be placed in specific areas to avoid sitting in the garage door path.

● Some are configured to use up excess space over the garage door.

● Creates a more user-friendly space but with less volume than other shelf systems.

When you choose the right shelves for your needs, you can incorporate style and storage. But while you take some time to decide which shelves you want, spend some time taking in your garage space.

Have you checked whether your garage door tracks need a bit of maintenance? Have you overlooked the aging of the door and notice a replacement is needed? This is the perfect time to handle those issues with the help of a professional garage door expert.

Are you interested in tossing the old garage door and installing one with better insulation? You can do that before you start organizing. It’s not as expensive as you think – find out more about the cost of a garage door.

Garage doors: California, 6' x 8' 6" and 16' x 8' 6", Black aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

You like full-view garage doors? These are California, 6'x8'-6" and 16'x 8'-6", Black aluminum frame, Sandblasted glass

Ready to Install a Brand New Door on the Garage?

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